Promo CD Duplication

Promo options below include the CD Duplicated from supplied Media, print direct to disc from supplied artwork, in a choice of packaging options, including optional printed parts where applicable.

Bulk Packed

(no cases)

CD in

PP Wallet

CD in

PP Wallet with Insert

Premium CD Duplication

Our Premium 'Retail Ready' packages include professional screen / litho printed discs in a choice of packaging including printed card wallets, digipaks, lancing packs.

This option is perfect for general release / sale.

CD in Card Wallet

Lancing Pack


CD Booklets and Inserts

CD Booklets and Insert printing from a single page insert up to 16 pages and more.

Available in a variety of paper types from standard gloss to recycled matt, these can be added to most of our CD products, including the Card Wallets and Digipacks.

Just let us know what you need and we'll come back to you with a quote.

DDP Creation

From your supplied audio files we create a DDP master containing:

  • CD Text

  • ISRC Codes

  • Pre Gaps / Hidden Tracks

  • Compiled in required running order